Change theme of Teams meeting when joining and in a meeting



Does anyone know if it's possible to change the black background / dark theme when you click 'Join' for a meeting??  I have a user who has reported that it is difficult to read and I've searched but can't find a way to change it.


EDIT: How to disable dark mode in Teams Meetings completely when the default setting is used (the light version)




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@RMD2021  It's not possible to change this colour. Why would you want to?

Because my user has reported that they find it very difficult to read the white writing on the black screen. Personal preference I guess same as people choosing dark mode over light mode, brightness of screen etc.
What about changing the theme being used in the Teams client?
So they use the default team theme. I think all Teams meetings however go straight to dark mode regardless of what mode they have set. I can't see any way to change it. I guess the issue isn't just the join screen, all the settings when you are in a meeting are in dark mode. Chatting, reactions and sharing icons are all white on black.

Any solution from Microsoft? I feel the dark theme is really annoying and there is no way to change it...I have to use it everyday for working...  fr@RMD2021