Change Default Teams by Group

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Currently, whenever we add users to our Office 365, they are automatically added to a default group within Teams, is there a way for us to override this behavior?

The desired outcome would be that users are assigned to a different default teams channel based on email address or, no team is added by default.



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Hi, what you're describing is the org-wide teams that is automatically created and pulls all users in the org. automatically.

"We'll automatically create an organization-wide team for your organization if your organization is new to Teams and has no more than 5,000 users. The team name will reflect the tenant name and will have a General channel. Global admins can edit this team like any other team."

You can read more about it here

And no, there is not way to override this apart from deleting that Team ;)

@Juan Carlos González Martínso what you are saying is that, if I do not want users to be added into the group again, I have to delete the group?