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I am having some issues in regards to adding external users to in Teams.

When I try to add an external account, I am met with the "we didn't find any matches" message.


The following i set in AAD( I have a global admin account):


The following is set in Teams admin center:



So if these to settings does still not allow me to add external users, then what will? Not sure where else to look, so if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears :-). 




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@miclarsen1 Hi, if you receive a "We didn't find any matches" error while trying to add a guest it usually means your organization doesn't allow guests. 


When did you enable the guest access? It can be quite a delay for the setting to take effect in all services (several hours).


I'm attaching this for reference/guidance, note the 24 hours delay as well.

Hi @ChristianBergstrom,


Thank you for replying.

I agree that is what the message means.

The question is why am I getting this message, when seemingly adding external users should work, since I have set it to be allowed both in AAD and Teams admin center.


The thing is, could there be something else in place I need to consider, that could potentially be the cause of this?

Guess access was enabled on monday this week, so I recon that is not the problem.


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@miclarsen1 Hello! Well, if you have verified all the settings in the above link it sure sounds a bit odd. Especially since you enabled it several days ago. 


Have you tried using PowerShell to verify and perhaps turn off / turn on again?

i dont success in it 

Those 2 places are not the only two, please look at bec's first link:

There are handful of other steps that must be trust to enable guest access, such as sharing, and the office 365 groups setting must be allowed to have external users in groups set as well etc. It's all in that checklist.