Can' t see team mates during video meeting

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I have a group assessment meeting. Others be able to see me but my screen does not show the video of the speaker.
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We have had lots of people say the same thing.  Various meetings with only 4 or 5 participants on the call and they did not know someone else was on the call until they started speaking.  Is this a known issue?  My organisation wants to know why this keeps happening?  It can be dangerous if you dont know who is on the call!

@Ouafae385 I'm having a similar issue in Teams video calls. I can see my live video at the bottom of the Teams window but I cannot see anyone else's video on the call. When other people talk I can see their icons light up but that's it. I've had this issue with all Teams calls in the last week. When I switch to Large gallery view or Together mode I'm able to see video. But when I try to switch back to the default Gallery view I still can't see my teammate's video, I end up listening to the call. Today I will update Teams and see what happens the next time.

We have the same issue, both with PC users and Mac users. It's very odd: they can see one other person in a one-to-one meeting, but as soon as a third person joins the call, all the incoming video turns off (for the affected user(s) only). The users can sometimes switch to Large Gallery or Together mode (if there are enough people in the meeting), in which case video works for them. One user also reports that if they spotlight one video feed, they can see that feed, but none of the others. I've seen various instances of this now. In all cases, Zoom works fine. It looks like a serious new issue with Teams.
For the record I've heard many people mention this odd behavior and one could think that there's a network issue as when the third person joins the meeting is being routed over the internet instead of local network. But what has actually solved the problem has been a simple reinstall of Teams.
OK, thanks, we can try that...
Hello, I actually just now noticed a service degradation in the admin portal.

"Users may be intermittently unable to view their own camera feed during Microsoft Teams meetings."
One of our affected users followed this advice (uninstall and reinstall Teams) and it worked! Thank you!