Can't Save or download Photo from Teams to iPhone Photos

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If I open the share options in Teams for a jpg photo, it does not show an option to "Save" the photo. I need to save it to my iOS Photos, but cannot. 


Any help greatly appreciated! I am on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, running the latest iOS 13 software and the most up to date Teams app.



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Hi Steven,

in general this available. I tested this in my lab environment. I have the save to photo option there.
My assumption would be that your teams app is managed and there is policy (e.g. Intune) that does not allow you saving content to your phone.
What happens if you chose „save to files“? Is it a empty file in you files app? If so another indication that a policy is not allowing this.



@Paul Lange 


Hi Paul


One of my colleagues is having the same issue - as global admin I have checked permissions and there's nothing apparent that would be restricting access.


Do you have any other suggestions?


Many thanks,