Can't close Office Files in Teams View

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Hello, everyone,

I've a problem closing office documents in Teams view. The documents are opened directly in teams. When I click on the close button nothing happens. The document doesn't close. The only way to close the document is to click on Teams App at the App sidebar. 


Does anyone have similar problems and a solution? 

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See if a manual sign out from the top right corner and also quitting the app completely (right-click and quit bottom right corner) solves the issue. If you'd like you can also change the default way Teams opens documents under Settings - Files.


Hi Christian,
unfortunately that doesn't help. The close function remains inactive. Also Copy Link doesnt't work.


Screen is in german, but shows the buttons I mean 






I have the same problem. It appeared 1st time recently, I think it was when "invited" (i.e. forced) to use New Teams. (New as in "New Problems"...) Very annoying since using "arrow back" throw me out to the top level of file directory hierarchy.