Can My Employer View My Microsoft Teams Chat History?


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Video - Can My Employer View My Microsoft Teams Chat History?


I read an article in the news last week about a viral TikTok video that was urging people to be careful what they share with colleagues in Teams chat because employers can see all chat messages and chat history. As a result, I decided to create a video answering the question: Can your employer view your Microsoft Teams chat history? Spoiler alert: the answer is Yes. However, as I explain in the video, this capability is typically only used when an employer has a reason to use it and more often than not these reasons tend to be extraordinary (i.e. Investigations of unethical behaviour, whistleblower complaints, allegations or harassment or other). Further, I also explain the types of controls and processes that are put in place to govern this capability and ensure its not misused. Lastly, in the latter part of the video I also demonstrate how an employer can view your chat history as its nowhere near as simple as "pull up someone's instance of Microsoft Teams and look through there chats". 



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Not sure why it is a big deal now in Teams as this is possible on email for a long time already 🤷🏼‍:male_sign:
Couldn't agree more!