Can My Employer View My Microsoft Teams Chat History?

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Video - Can My Employer View My Microsoft Teams Chat History?


I read an article in the news last week about a viral TikTok video that was urging people to be careful what they share with colleagues in Teams chat because employers can see all chat messages and chat history. As a result, I decided to create a video answering the question: Can your employer view your Microsoft Teams chat history? Spoiler alert: the answer is Yes. However, as I explain in the video, this capability is typically only used when an employer has a reason to use it and more often than not these reasons tend to be extraordinary (i.e. Investigations of unethical behaviour, whistleblower complaints, allegations or harassment or other). Further, I also explain the types of controls and processes that are put in place to govern this capability and ensure its not misused. Lastly, in the latter part of the video I also demonstrate how an employer can view your chat history as its nowhere near as simple as "pull up someone's instance of Microsoft Teams and look through there chats". 



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Not sure why it is a big deal now in Teams as this is possible on email for a long time already 🤷🏼‍:male_sign:
Couldn't agree more!


To separate my family personal chats, can I install another instance of TEAMS, meaning can I have two instances of Teams on my phone, one for personal family and the second for my other chats

Teams is account based, not instance based. You access Teams through user accounts which are either setup as a personal or enterprise account. You can sign in to multiple accounts and switch between them.