Camera works in teams; no camera feed for participants

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This is a weird issue but the camera works on a computer, and it can be verified in the settings of Teams. But when there is a video conference, other participants cannot see the video feed. It instead comes out as the grey camera with the slash (


Would this be a Teams client issue or a Microsoft issue?


I just found out that it might be a client issue because it causes an issue in Zoom as well.


How would I fix it besides a restart and/or a reinstall?

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@npddt when you are in a call and start video does it also show the camera with a slash for you in the preview pane?  Something to check while you are in the meeting is what the active camera is.  If you have multiple camera sources you may want to switch between them to ensure you are sending the correct camera feed out to the call/meeting:


This accomplishes the same settings that you said you were looking at in Teams settings - however doing it in the meeting will ensure that the camera source didn't get change on join or something to cause a broken feed.




@Josh LeporatiI have this same issue.  Did you find a resolution?


@Josh Leporati   I am having the same/similar issue.  My camera is viewable in settings.  It is the only camera on my Dell-XPS13, it works with WebEx and other applications, and Teams sees it in settings, but not during the meeting.  It used to work until the most recent Win-10 update@