Calls being placed on hold after sharing screen


Just go our first CCX device for testing and I just tried to test a screen sharing while on an audio only call on the CCX.


I have Windows 10 with Teams along with a CCX 500 phone.  My colleague has Windows 10 and the Teams client, and a headset.  I was talking to him via the CCX and he tried to share screens with me, on his end no errors, on my end absolutely nothing happened.  Then I tried to share my screen with him from my computer and it put our audio call on the CCX immediately on hold, on the computer it had the small "Lets talk" button in the bottom right, if you click that still no audio.  Of note even with a VVX device and Teams, we had similar behavior of having the call put on hold.  My hope was getting a CCX device would have solved this issue.  In Skype this worked without issue.

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I opened a ticket with MS support and Polycom support, and they both mentioned this is an issue that is currently being assessed, hopefully MS/Polycom has BTOE or similar for CCX devices up there sleeves soon.  As companies are trying to follow Microsoft guidance and move to Teams, not having fundamental features especially with respect to devices makes it challenging to adopt for users.  We choose Polycom equipment because of there tight relationship they have with MS, sadly they seem to be having challenges creating a seamless experience for customers that are adopting.  Between this and Polycom Trio woes in my boardroom, it has not been the best teams adoption scenario at my company.


Here is the user voice on this one please vote so it can be resolved!


Hopefully tagging some SME will garner some extra attention to this one!

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@itsbrad yes we have “better together” coming for all Teams Phones, and it will be much better than BToE as it will be done via the cloud not a dedicated cable between the phone and PC.  That will come hopefully next 1-2 quarters. 

Thanks for the update that certainly helps, however it makes it challenging to move forward now, 1 - 2 quarters is a fairly long way out! Any work around would be appreciated.

@itsbrad we don’t have a quick workaround specifically for BToE.  @Kruthika Ponnusamy thoughts on the call on hold issue?

@Ilya Bukshteyn @Kruthika Ponnusamy  any update on this issue 6 months later?


Any update 12-14 months later?

@DAD43081  Nope not that I am aware

@itsbrad wehave bluetooth proximity based Better Together out now for Teams phones and Teams desktop.

Better together is available for meetings and currently under test for calling. ETA for availability of this is second half this CY21. Better together for calling will address this issue.

@itsbrad @Ilya Bukshteyn any update 21 months later?

@adriansin sorry update on what?  @Kruthika Ponnusamy  also fyi

Is there an update/work around when a user (desktop) calls another user (phone) and when the user (phone) shares screen the call gets put on hold? Does the call have to be desktop to desktop in order to share screen properly?



These days we normally get the join second device message so you should be able to add the computer to the call, and share the screen.  This has even worked for us on VVX series phones that are not Teams certified.  More info can be found here -> Join a Teams meeting on a second device (

If you are in better together mode, the call does not go on hold during screen share. When you are not in better together mode, the desktop screen share will put the call on hold because the same 2 people cannot be active from 2 different endpoints. This is not peculiar to devices, this will be the same experience if you were on mobile and tried to share screen from desktop.

@Kruthika Ponnusamy I have Teams I don't see the "New Meeting Experience" setting in Settings to turn on. Maybe it's already on?

I have a different solution. 

  • Create a "Teams Meeting" through Outlook Calendar by creating a calendar event and clicking Teams Meeting at the top.
  • Invite all parties to the meeting.
  • Join through the phone (mic and audio) and your computer (office or remote desktop) by clicking the Teams Meeting link.
  • When prompted, click to "Add Device".
  • Share screen will now work for all parties.
For the person joining with phone and computer, you will only see one person under the participant list, rather than two separate instances of the same person.