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Hello Everybody,
I'm sure someone has already solved this. We get an enormous amount of incoming calls and have lots of windows open at a given time. I would like each of my employees to be able to make notes about the call they are taking in teams and for that to be saved against that call. Partly so we have a daily history so nothing gets missed AND partly to have more long term call logs to show general trends. Quite a few staff are using scribble pads which are not a desirable solution for us.
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Few questions about the requirement.

1. Are we using the Auto Attendant or Call Queue for receiving and making the Inbound and Outbound Call?
2. Are we using the common area phones for making the PSTN Call?
3. Do all the users have the calling capabilities enabled for Teams?

If the answer to the question 3 is yes you would be able to pull the data of all the PSTN Call Incoming or Outgoing in the Teams Admin > Analytics and Reports > Usage Reports. This would give you the detailed reports of all the calls incoming and outgoing made by all the users in the organization.

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I think the best solution would be to look into some of the Call Center applications available for Teams. With them you can integrate to other systems, ex. CRM, and make notes for each call in the CRM. But that would be for calls to a shared number, not for personal calls to each user.

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