Calendar on Teams shifts appointments

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Hello all!


I noticed that when I select "Week" view on the calendar in Teams, it shifts my appointments by one day ahead. Below, I have created an appointment called "Veterinary Appointment" for Wednesday, May 1st. Upon changing the view from "Work week" to "Week", the appointment now shows under Thursday, May 02. Is this a bug or perhaps a setting in my Teams? Thanks! :smile:


P.S - My guess is that "Week" view should really start with Sunday and not Monday. If it did, then my appointment would indeed be in the correct spot.





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@andromedaorchid my team has also seen this issue and have moved to work week to mitigate for now.

I have the same issue.  Started yesterday.  Seems to not be an issue with Day or Work Week view.  Week view pushes everything out one day.  Reinstalled Teams etc on desktop.  Nothing.@C-Edwards