Best Practice for Managing Client SLAs

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 Hi MS Teams Community,


I would like to ask your opinion on the best practice for using MS Teams to manage projects and communication for client SLAs. Would you:


  • Create a new Team for every client with an SLA with their own Sharepoint site, Channels, Planner, etc. or,
  • Create a Channel for each client under a single Team and add a Planner to each channel to manage tasks?


I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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@RA_Greyling I would create one team for each customer.

If You have more than 200 customers You will run out of channels since there is a limit of 200 channels pr team:


Another argument is that You do not want the customers to be able to see each others documents and conversations so you should therefore create one team for each customer.


Regards, Magnus

Hi @Magnus Goksøyr ,


Sorry for the extremely late reply. I am sure you know that an IT professional’s work never ends.


Although I have a knack for finding solutions to problems and setting up those solutions in such a way as to fully utilise all the features they provide to boost productivity and to ensure that every step is defined and properly managed, I acknowledge that sometimes these solutions can be applied to multiple scenarios and that each scenario begs for a different approach in how the solution is set up and implemented. My question, of course, being such a scenario, and when you work for a big IT company, you really have only one chance and, therefore, you have to do it right the first time.


So when it comes to solutions that can be implemented in multiple ways, I prefer to gather as many opinions as possible from experienced professionals who have already experienced which implementations work and which don’t, or who have successfully deployed and are managing a solution at much larger scales before making any decisions.


With that being said, thank you very much for your answer and for backing it up with documentation. I completely agree that each customer should have their own team and rest easier at night knowing a professional and I share the same opinion. So far it’s working great. If only I can get everyone to use it more. XD


Until next time,


Reginald Greyling