Background effects missing in Teams Web version

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Lat Thursday I have noticed that ALL background effects are missing form the Web version of Teams. That means no background blur or setting up some custom backgrounds. I have also heard that people who were running a custom background when the update went live now can't turn them off, because the whole feature is missing.


Are there plans to bring that back? And if so when?


There are plenty of people like me who work on Linux machines and for us the only way to actually use a camera blur was to use the web version of Teams. And now even that option is gone.


Edit: It's back and working now. Thanks everyone :)

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Same, camera blur and background option disappeared from the web version of Teams.
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Best open a support case and report this.
Same problem here

Strangely I had my previously selected background, but had no option to change it. Cleared cache/cookies and now I have no background and no option to enable one
Same for me, I also had my previously selected background, but could not change it. I thought it was some linux graphics driver problem and reinstalled my entire machine. Now the filter is gone and I am not able to configure one
Hello everyone,

is there an update regarding this issue
aww men, i thought it was just hide in some setting...i want it back! the only way for my linux client to use it :\
Do you know where I can do that? The only option I saw was to send feedback in Teams, which I did. I was looking for away to officially open a ticket but I can't find it.

@Nathaniel86 Yup I'm seeing the same thing, using Chrome, Edge or Brave PWA or the Teams for Linux electron app which is a wrapper for the web version.


Background effects worked until a couple of days ago. Now I can't change any settings just stuck on background blur.

Same, background blur was stuck, with the option to select a differing background being removed after Thursday last week (8th Dec 2022). I logged out and back in today and the blurred background has gone completely. the interface appears to have been greatly simplified.
Yeah, a lot of different other options are missing too. I have noticed that as well.
It's missing for me as well. This is very inconvenient, and having it removed with no warning and no information is very frustrating.

even worse here... I'm stuck with a stupid background picture from our internal virtual Christmas event, and now I can't deactivate it or choose a new one... how am i supposed to go into video calls with external customers? This is a desaster!  

Clearing my cache/cookies removed my background. No way to get a new one back yet though
Looks like the background blur option is back.


I've checked this morning and it's back for me on the web version and in "Teams-for-Linux" too, thanks for letting us know.


No more OBS and a green screen for me at least for now

@w0rkrbAre you running Xorg, X11, or Wayland? I have Xorg and get nothing. The only thing I can think of is the X server is the difference.

Hi, I'm running on Pop_OS fully up to date with GNOME 42.3.1 running on X11. I would think if you're running Teams in a web browser then provided you have a capable machine it should work, might be worth clearing your cache to see if that picks it up.



Looks like it stopped working again. 


Google Chrome 108.0.5359.124 on openSUSE 15.4, X11.

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best response confirmed by StaceeFrane (Microsoft)
Best open a support case and report this.

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