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The one thing needed in Teams is the annotate function. We have meetings where this function is crucial to have. Been using Webex which is being phased out in our company and switching to Teams. 

Any chance we'll see this option? It is a real pain to have to do work-arounds.

Or, is there already an option or solution out there that anyone has found?


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Hi @Frank_Matic

Updated 06/08/2022. Now available

Use annotation while sharing your screen in Teams (


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard , thanks for the update. I started using this in place of Webex and Skype the last few weeks and am looking forward to this option being added. I have been working from home for years and having a solid app with similiar options to Webex for discussions & presentations is crucial. Allowing multiple attendees to annotate at the same time is key. Look forward to seeing what other options are added to the teams platform. Thanks Christopher. 

@Christopher Hoard 


"This is because other features of meetings including custom backgrounds, raise hand, seeing all users in the meeting are being prioritised due to demand for organisations who are now remote working."


How do you know this?

Hello, Any news about Sharing Screen & Annotation during a Teams Meeting like Zoom without using third party apps?

There is no longer any uservoice. Microsoft canceled it. It seems they just don't want to add this option
I have added a uservoice again, it seems that all the above have been deleted

Hi @Christopher Hoard, can you please provide an update to this feature? Coming from corporate Learning & Development, this is crucial in engaging participants without switching from the PowerPoint to Whiteboard which I must build ahead of time.