After Windows 11 upgrade Bluetooth audio not working only with teams

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After upgrading to Windows 11, My Bluetooth headphones work great. However, when I open or go to a Teams meeting the headphones drop out. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Teams, same issue. I have tried troubleshooting sound, same issue. Everything worked perfect in Windows10. 

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Same situation.  Any bluetooth audio device will drop out upon making a teams call or joining a teams meeting.  Fun times!  I've spent probably 8 hours of reading/troubleshooting with no results.

Same issue, only way to get it to work over bluetooth is to use the mic and speakers on my bluetooth headphones, which reduces quality. What I want to do is use a different microphone with the bluetooth headphones as the speaker, but that does not work.
Hello, I got this message, the Open Form action was cancelled, somebody can help me with this??