Add Call Shortcut to Apps Bar in Teams


We're setting up a call queue for IT Support and want to make it super easy to find. Can you add a Quick Dial to the apps bar on the left to facilitate this?


I've had a look and haven't been able to find anything yet.

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Hi @Ben Grinsted

No ways currently to speed dial straight off the app bar. Recommend to raise it on uservoice

There are similar uservoices for speed dialling out of the command bar, but not off the app bar. But I would understand why you need this. Uservoice is reviewed by engineering and product teams and you would be notified if it gets picked up

Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris
@Ben Grinsted did you ever find a useful solution for this ? :) I am on the look out for something similar, but haven't had much luck yet.

Other than maybe making a very simple internal App with some text and a phone number, but this is not very "fancy" unfortunately.