In public preview: Meeting co-organizer



Organizers will now be able to share control by assigning the new "Co-organizer" role to people they invite. Co-organizers will have almost all of the capabilities of the organizer, including management of Meeting Options.

Meeting organizers can assign the co-organizer meeting role to up to 10 people they invite to a meeting. Co-organizers will be granted most of the capabilities of the organizer in the meeting, including being able to access & modify the meeting options for the meeting.

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100% in public preview


How to enable

Meeting organizers can manage the co-organizer meeting role via a new "Choose co-organizers" meeting option: 




To qualify for the co-organizer role, an invitee must be using an account that is on the same tenant, or using a Guest account on the same tenant as the organizer’s account. 

Co-organizers will be displayed as additional organizers in the meeting's participants list, and they will have most of the capabilities of an organizer in the meeting.

Co-organizers can do the following:

  • Access and change meeting options


  • Bypass the lobby
  • Admit people from the lobby during a meeting 
  • Lock the meeting
  • Present content
  • Change another participant’s meeting role 
  • End the meeting for all

Co-organizers cannot do the following:

  • View & download attendance reports
  • Manage the meeting recording
  • Edit the meeting invitation
  • Remove or change the Organizer's role


Are there any other changes associated with this new feature?

The “Only me” selection for the “Who can present?” meeting option has been updated to reflect that this will apply to “Only me and co-organizers”. And the “Only me” selection for the “Who can bypass the lobby?” meeting option has been updated to reflect that this will apply to “Only me and co-organizers.”

Note: If you need information about enabling the public preview itself, see “Enable the public preview for Teams” below.



Supported clients and

Windows 10









Internet Explorer

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes






Known issues

  1. The text field for 'Choose co-organizers" meeting option has an intermittent issue on mobile. If it is difficult to assign the role via the meeting options page on your mobile device, please try updating the meeting using desktop or web
  2. The "Download Attendance Report" link may still be visible for co-organizers in the "..." button's menu from the Participants list during a meeting. This is non-functional. If a co-organizer clicks it, no report is available.


Known limitations
1. Co-organizers cannot yet access or download attendance reports.
2. While co-organizers can view meeting recordings, they do not yet have full parity with the organizer's recording management capabilities.
3. Only the meeting organizer can create breakout rooms before a meeting via the “Breakout Rooms” tab at the top of the meeting details page in Teams Calendar.


Enable your Teams client for the public preview 


  1. First, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.  
  2. Users then choose to join the public preview individually. See Get early access to new Teams features - Office Support ( for instructions. 


Summary of public preview features

For a history of features in the Office and Teams public previews, see Release Notes Current Channel (Preview) - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs.



Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of Teams? Let us know straight from Teams via Help Give feedback 



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@Kaushal Mehta (LYNC) Thank you for this! As it says "cannot yet" under view and download attendance reports, I take it that you are working with a solution?

Kind regards,



I am not able to see the "Choose co-organisers" option in Meeting options in the test account I enabled for Teams public preview on Teams desktop v1.5.00.3866. I have try quitting the Teams client and turn off and turn on Teams Public Preview but still don't have the co-organiser option.

    Add co-organizers to a meeting in Teams (


  only brings up a 404 Error page  

Any idea how and when will it be possible to set this "co-organizer" role using the Graph API onlineMeeting resource type?
best response confirmed by Emily Kirby (Microsoft)

Currently, the co-organizer feature doesn't support breakout rooms. Here is a temporary workaround for adding your Co-Organzier as a Breakout Room Manager, until it's fully supported:



  1. Organizer creates meeting

  2. Organizer opens the meeting on their Teams calendar & adds Breakout Rooms (BR) to it

  3. BRs shows up as a new tab along with other apps added to the meeting

  4. Organizer then uses BR app's settings to assign a person invited to the meeting as a BR manager

  5. Organizer opens meeting options and assigns meeting co-organizer role to that same person


  1. Imagine that organizer is out of office that day (like in a substitute teacher scenario)

  2. The co-organizer joins the meeting & they have all the capabilities of co-organizer role

  3. The co-organizer starts the BR in the meeting

  4. When co-organizer joins the BR, they no longer have the co-organizer role but since that person was assigned as a BR manager, they can manage the BR with all capabilities of a BR manager (their role essentially changed from "co-organizer" to "BR manager")

  5. Once BR session is over, BR manager & other attendees will leave the BR and rejoin the main meeting

  6. When they rejoin the main meeting, everyone is automatically assigned their original meeting roles for the main meeting

  7. So, the original co-organizer who filled the BR manager role during the breakout room session automatically becomes a co-organizer in the main meeting once again

It would be better if the co-organizer had all the same permissions as the organizer. It is difficult when someone leaves the organization or takes over an event and then we are not able to have all of the same functions as the original organizer. Sometimes we need to cancel the original invite and re-send/get everyone to re-register all over again.


We use the MS Team Registration function to send our larger events to our customers and have them register through it but then only the original organizer can download registration information, change the meeting details, etc. We need to be able to re-assign the organizer or always have co-organizers for events. 

I agree with the above comment, all of the items that the co-organizer cannot do is what we would really need a co-organizer to do - View & download attendance reports; Manage the meeting recording; Edit the meeting invitation; Remove or change the Organizer's role. I would add to this update the registration form as well. It is great that there is the start to a solution here but the cannot do list really diminishes the value.
I've tried with multiple different users enrolled in public preview and the co-organizer option still isn't showing. I enabled Public Preview early last year. I've checked for latest updates on all Teams Clients and the P is beside their icon.

Is there something I need to do to enable it for my tenant?
This page is live now.

@ConnorUhrig , thanks for the letting us know. Are you looking in the Meeting Options page, and are you making sure this is covered?

" an invitee must be using an account that is on the same tenant, or using a Guest account on the same tenant as the organizer’s account."

Yes I’m in meeting options and have invited a person in my tenant.
The choose co-organizer option isn’t there in meeting options.
Same here, public preview user still not seeing the "Choose co-organizers" in the meeting option webpage hence not able to use test this.

We're not seeing the Co-organizer option either despite jumping through all the hoops. Specifically (using the latest Edge browser), we have:

  1. enabled Public Preview in the Teams Update Policies 
  2. ensured the policy is applied to several users 
  3. selected Public Preview in Teams for several users (under "...", About) and agreed to join the Public Preview 
  4. verified that Public Preview is checked (under "...", About) for those users 
  5. had one user create (and send) a new meeting with a required attendee who is part of the same tenant (and who has also opted into Public Preview) 

When the meeting organizer then clicks "Meeting options," there is no Co-organizer option available. 

What are we doing wrong?

Any thoughts on delegates? Right now if a delegate of another user (e.g., administrative assistant for a manager) schedules a Teams meeting on behalf of the other user, the other user is the organizer. The delegate isn't able to access meeting options. Even with co-organizer, that has to be done *after* the meeting is scheduled, which means the delegate can't access meeting options to make them a co-organizer. It seems like the user story for adding a co-organizer should be when the meeting is being scheduled to make it easier for everyone, and especially delegates. Any word on that?


As others before me have mentioned, the co-organizer field is not visible in the meeting options.

And I agree, a co-organizer should be able to see the Attendance tab in the Teams Webinar invite and should be able to download the registration report and the attendance report.

Because currently I have a problem: I'm going on holiday soon, during which Webinars I organized will take place and no-one else can see the registration info.

Kind regards,

Honestly, the feature is not at all useful without these capabilities; we really need to have the capability to designate more than one person with full control over a meeting (for so many, many reasons.)
finally they update, feature release delayed

and agree with @carolyn910, this is actually co-sub-orgnizer, not what whey called "co-org"

in my opnion, it should be "take owner", co-organizer may lead to chaos
if we have a 1000 ppl meeting, somehow organizer can't attend/leave the company, we should we do?
we want take over, is crazy to cancel/create meeting
This release has been promised for quite some time... and now to learn, it is not truly giving another person the same functionalities as the organizer is utterly disappointing. It does not resolve the major issues that are being seen in the organization with MS Teams meetings. The items under the limitations are the functionalities we need to be able to share and delegate - attendance, recordings, meeting invitation edits, and breakout rooms. Are the items under the "cannot" list in development + on your roadmap?
We have figured out the issue with getting this feature to work in Public Preview. It is now 100% available! Please try it out and give us feedback.

Regarding the feedback about the current limitations, we are aware of the gaps and will be working to close them.