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What’s new in Microsoft Teams – February round up

Published Feb 05 2019 07:00 AM 56.9K Views

We continue to bring new functionality to Microsoft Teams to help people do their best work. New Firstline capabilities empower your workers to be more productive, while new usage reports provide you insights on how people are using Teams in your organization. Read on to learn about everything that is new in February. 


Communicate more effectively
Enabling effective communication across your organization requires giving people an environment where physical and virtual elements come together to deliver a seamless experience. We are introducing Microsoft Teams Rooms and Teams-Only mode to help you simplify and better integrate communication capabilities.


Transform your meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms

We are rebranding Skype room systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms. From scheduling to managing a meeting, enjoy a seamless experience with Microsoft Teams Rooms. We are also adding new capabilities such as proximity detection, which streamlines the process of adding a room that is nearby and available to your existing meeting. Find out more here.

Transform every meeting with Microsoft Teams Rooms


Simplify how users communicate with Teams-Only Mode

Organizations now have more options in their journey to transition from Skype for Business to Teams with Teams-Only Mode. In this mode, Teams becomes the primary communication and collaboration tool for end users From the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin center, administrators can easily upgrade specific users or their entire tenant. Found out more about this and other communications capabilities here. 


Work with confidence: new features for IT admin

To foster teamwork across your organization, you need visibility into how people are using the tools you are providing. Additionally, you need to deliver tailored workspaces that meet your user needs in a repeatable and scalable way. You can now take advantage of the following Teams features to help you better support your organization:


Understand how your organization collaborates with new usage reports 

Are your users taking full advantage of Microsoft Teams? You can now leverage the new analytics and reporting experience to get insights around key areas such as Teams usage, user activity and device usage. This information can help you track adoption of Teams and identify opportunities for change management efforts to improve teamwork across the organization. Learn more here. 


Get Insights about how your organization uses Microsoft TeamsGet Insights about how your organization uses Microsoft Teams


Replicate your best Team's experience with Team Templates

Teams Templates let admins quickly pre-define a team’s channel, install apps, pin tabs, and more so you can focus on collaboration rather than spend time setting up. Found a team setup that works best for a type of project or workstyle in your organization? You will now be able to easily create new teams based on best practices and lessons learned by leveraging a new REST endpoint as part of the Microsoft Graph API.


templates  - Feb 2019.gif


Industry-based templates 
We're also pleased to introduce Teams based template types, which are special templates that Microsoft created for specific industries. This initial launch will include:  

Developers will also be able to extend these base templates to better fit their organizations workflows by leveraging the APIs found here . 


Learn more about what you can achieve with Teams templates here. 


Empower workers in all roles and across industries
People have different workstyles across industries, roles, and functions. Microsoft teams is committed to help every type of worker to their best with capabilities that meet their unique needs:

Enable your Firstline Workers to achieve more with Microsoft Teams
Improve the productivity of your Firstline Workforce with capabilities designed to meet their unique workstyle. The Shifts functionality in Teams simplifies the process of planning and creating schedules by offering key capabilities to both managers and workers. You will also be able to integrate your workforce management system with Teams soon by leveraging a Graph API. Additionally, we are empowering Firstline Workers with key mobile features such as location sharing, record and share audio messages, and smart camera. The mobile experience is customizable to provide workers and IT the ability to choose the most relevant capabilities for their work. Find out more about here.


Manage shift schedules using Microsoft TeamsManage shift schedules using Microsoft Teams

Customize your team with Bots and 3rd party integrations


Build more powerful bots with the Preview Release of .Net Teams Bot Builder v4 SDK             

Enable your bots to become more impactful by leveraging key capabilities such as fetching a list of channels in a team, creating a 1:1 chat with a specific users, or accepting messages only from specific tenants. Learn more here.

Monthly Spotlight - Apps in Teams: Karmabot , MindMeister, and More!

We are constantly adding new and improved apps to our Teams experience and plan on highlighting a few of our apps that have been making major waves to further enable collaboration.


Karmabot helps you motivate your team leveraging the power of machine learning and natural language. Learn more here.


Improve Employee productivity with KarmabotImprove Employee productivity with Karmabot

MindMeister enables you to brainstorm ideas and visualize project plans alongside your team members. The new update allows you to view your entire dashboard directly from teams. Find out more here.


Organize your ideas with MindMeisterOrganize your ideas with MindMeister

The Connector for Jira server helps you stay on top of development issues by notifying you when an issue is created or updated. This notification includes critical details such as a summary of the issue, priority, and assignee. Find out more here.



Stay on top of issues with the Connector for Jira Server


The new Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud experience facilitates access to your documentation with the ability to open a confluence page in a Teams tab and creating Confluence child pages directly from Teams. Find out more here.


Access your information faster with the new Confluence cloud experience


Let us know what you think!

Try the new features and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower left corner of Microsoft Teams. If you have suggestions on how to make Teams better, please submit your idea via User Voice or vote for existing ideas to help us prioritize the requests. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure that Microsoft Teams meets your needs.


— Christopher Bryan, Product Marketing Manager Microsoft Teams

Occasional Contributor

Thank you guys for all the new capabilities but some comments and RFE

  • Analytics reports:
    • should be able to export/connect  to Excel/PowerBI
    • should be able to be filtered on the columns presented
  • CQD: CQD is slow!!! (and a visual facelift to match the new admin teams console would definitely be a plus)
  • Possibility to edit sites/building and network ranges directly on the team console and not necessarily to upload a new file to change/add 3 lines ( i have more than 1000+ sites to manage)

Thanks for the effort

Frequent Contributor

I agree with @Christophe Humbert regarding the analytics.  Being able to export the reports to Excel or Power Bi, especially since the time frames on the Analytics & Reports page are only 7 days and 28 days.   Being able to match them up with what is on the Usage Report or the ability to export it so it can be compared.   This can be very informative when you are rolling out Teams and being able to see the increase in usage and the ability to report back to the higher ups the success of the rollout.  

Regular Visitor

Search text in wiki tab...easy one 

Not applicable

@Christophe Humbert : Analytics reports:

  • should be able to export/connect  to Excel/PowerBI

You can do that with a Flow and Microsoft Graph, you can connect to Graph, export report (to a SharePoint List for exemple), and even play with filter option.

Of course you can connect those report to Excel or PowerBI after exported :)


Give a try to Microsoft Graph :) if you don't know how to start go there :


Enjoy :)


Ability to Add files and to directly open in teems from 'meeting notes' also allow multiple windows

New Contributor

I'm glad to see that integration for Jira Server (on-prem) is now available, nice work.


Excellent news, but would still like to see or here some info/update about integration with Cisco Room systems which used to work with s4b via Cisco Meeting Server virtual rooms, but don't work with Teams.


@Christopher Bryan 


Thanks for the update. Would love to see traction on:

  • Calling Features
    • Transfer direct to voicemail (MOST IMPORTANT ITEM ON THIS LIST)
      • This is basic stuff. All receptionists require this feature. They cannot simply transfer to a ringing phone in an execs office, this is not acceptable.
    • Call queue routing by dynamic order (example: longest idle)
  • Room systems
    • Fix broken video on components that worked in S4B
  • Admin
    • Ability to move channels to different teams
    • Ability to setup permissions by channel, not just team
  • Chat
    • A separate messenger app or breakout window for simple chat on the side (like Messages on the Mac)
  • Teams phones
    • Add the ability to manage quick dial favorites (like S4B)
    • Fix issue where the conference phone in the room says name of the organizer, but not the actual name of the meeting
Senior Member

I agree with @Fred Franks and would like to add the following basic features to the list:

  • Call Waiting and Music on Hold
  • Screen Share and Viewing in the web client.
Super Contributor
  1. Need a links tab!
  2. Need a links tab!
  3. Need a links tab!



Occasional Contributor

Enhancements to Call Queue and AA would be very appropriated! Not to mention wallboards for live CQ stats.


Fix issue transfering PSTN Calls from Teams user to CQ/Agent.

Frequent Visitor

when are guests going to get meeting remote control functionality?

New Contributor

New Confluence integration is great, but the Jira integration feels like little more than a webhook alert and rather underwhelming.


I'd love to see stories where youre mentioned have thier comments sections become channels so things stay more integrated.

Occasional Contributor


Great work on Teams which I like to use vs Skype that I don't... I just transitioned my StaffHub 1st line workers to Teams but the Home feature is still missing. I want the overview and tasks form StaffHub and also the time clock. Any ETA on that feature? Was surprised to see them launched separately since they are so tightly integrated....

Occasional Contributor

Also i cant see the Praise feature in place yet.....

New Contributor

How is the "new" Teams Only mode different from what you'd get from the below powershell?


Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams -Identity


This is how we've been doing coexistence for the last 6 months.  Or is it just new that you can make the change via the web portal now?

New Contributor
The FOCUS absolutely needs to be on Feature Parity with Skype... as a starting point... Example: Custom Dictionaries! People convert to Teams, and the moment that they find BASIC things missing, they are immediately turned away,...
Valued Contributor

These are all great features announced but the more great one is the template which we could get more development in that part so we can save so much time for the end users rather then wasting time they could do their own works and enjoy the modern collaboration.Smiley Very Happy

Occasional Visitor

Wiki Search in Teams needs to happen, a non-searchable Knowledge Base is a killer for adoption. 


The search on this site is wicked, share the love across the apps...360 365

Occasional Visitor

 Do we know when the Home feature will be live to allow the ability to clock in and out?


Re: New Teams meeting room licence...MSFT documentation says "You only need to set up Audio Conferencing for people who plan to schedule or lead meetings. Meeting attendees who dial in don't need any licenses assigned to them" I agree, unless you want to do a 3 way PSTN call (even with a calling plan) then you need a audio conf license. 

So for the new Meeting room license, does the audio conf bridge line info assigned to that resource get added to a meeting invite when you include the meeting room as the location? Historically, only invites from meeting organizers with an audio conf license included the bridge line info. Im curious if including the room in the meeting allows audio conf access for all even if organizer does not have Audio Conf license. Thank You for your feedback. 

Gary Woods

Valued Contributor
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