Microsoft 365 Apps (C2R) interfering Windows app (Win32) installs during Autopilot deployments

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We're having an issue where Windows app (Win32) installs are failing during the Autopilot enrollment process. This is causing the delays in the overall enrollment process and preventing the installs of software. We tracked this issue down to Microsoft 365 Apps (C2R) kicking off its install while the Windows app (Win32) installs are taking place which causes them to fail because multiple MSI's install processes can not take place at the same time. We do not utilize the option to 'Block device use until all apps are installed', although we tried enabling it with the same results of failed installs. Finally, we are not mixing LOB and Win32 apps, we only utilize Win32 applications, and the built-in Microsoft 365 Apps (C2R) package.

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Hi @Hogan_Klink 


On which step is your autopilot enrollment failing? 


What timeout time did you configure in the Enrollment status page? By default, it is 60 minutes. you can extend this number of minutes if it fails because of a delay in app installations.


What did you configure at the setting: Block device use until required apps are installed if they are assigned to the user/device?


And how many apps are assigned as required to a device group and user group? and what kind of apps are you rolling out? did you setup the Store for Business connector to install the company portal for instance?


If you are during an autopilot enrollment in the ESP and you press Shift + F10 and type Control and go to software. Are there any apps installed?


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It's failing at the application install phase. I know it's because the Office C2R installer is the culprit because I enabled logged in the (Win32) MSI installers and a failure error was listed stating another MSI installer process was running. The Application Event Log showed during this time frame the Office C2R Installers were running.
Cloud apps can do that during autopilot. Wrap the office installation as win32. I do that and never faced any issues.
Thanks for the reply. I hoping to avoid creating more Win32 installers than necessary and utilize the built-in cloud app technologies. Have you seen any Microsoft documentation that says they will not work together?

Nothing official on this. Just shared it from experience. Quite often in case of company portal and M365 cloud apps. The only official recommendation is not to mix LOB and Win32. The wrapping of M365 apps is quite straight forward really. Just wrap the setup.exe and the config.xml. No need to download the whole thing as setup.exe will do that for you.

Thats exactly the reason why converting the ms365 apps to a win32app could give you fewer issues
We are having this same issue. Occurred sometime in the past 2 weeks. I was doing some reading last night and found an article (July 2021 I think) where someone said this started happening with M365 apps set to current channel or monthly, but changing to SAC resolved it. I have deleted my M365 apps and am running through a build to verify the culprit, and then I will do it again with M365 SAC and will update

Having office 365 deployment issues (0x81036502) because of an issue with a channel build is always sad...

This blog has some good info on this very issue too:

it states that the MS office app profile available in MEM is susceptible to the same incompatibility between LOB and Win32 apps during autopilot.

Just curious, are you packaging MSI's in your win32 apps? I am converting my office app to a win32 after reading the above blog, and came across your post. I'm wondering if the reason I haven't had any issues is that (so far) all my win32 apps are using EXE's.
That's possible but many exe's are just wrapped MSI's. It comes down to being a timing issue so it's possible that by chance you just haven't had installs collide.