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Why is it then when a new device is enrolled in iOS/iPadOS and the 'Primary User' and 'Enrolled by' shows correctly but when I go to the User > Devices > it doesn't show the device "No devices found"?

Can anyone help please?

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17.43.46.pngScreenshot 2022-09-06 at 17.44.12.png

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How long did you wait? It might be a matter of time.


I don't think so, it's been over a week!
Device shows in users O365 management but still not in Azure.

Hi @Chair1 


I am experiencing  the same issue for 2 weeks now, with some users under my Tenant.


It is both for iPhones and Mac OS. Meaning that it is something with Apple Devices.


I have deeply checked my ABM for any changes, without any luck. 


IF anybody has any trick kindly asking to share further.


Best, AM 

@AneMarie Good afternoon. We are experiencing the same issue all of a sudden. Did anyone find a solution? @Chair1 @Moe_Kinani 

Hi @TitanChance , unfortunately I couldn't manage to find the fix, however I have observed that this is happening, in my case, to only old users that have had already devices enrolled. 


Thinking that it might be a naming issue, I had renamed the new enrolled devices differently with No success. I have also checked the devices allowance per user, and that is not the case. 


It might be an Apple and Microsoft syncing/integration issue, as the devices I am referring are all Apple Brand. If this is the case, then it is nothing that we can do, and just wait for their technicians to find proper ways.


Maybe we should all open up cases in Microsoft instead of writing on an community group, so we can make them wheels roll a bit and make their technicians really aware of this major issue.


All the best from my end ! :) 



@Chair1 I have seen this appear in the past.  There was a delay up to 48 or even 72 hours before the device appeared in the Entrada console.  My issue was that the server my Intune instance was located on was overrun.  

It is as if on your Intune instance physical hardware all of a sudden someone goes from a few enrolled devices to a huge enrollment drive.  The result is your resources are exhausted. 

The only solution for us, and this happened 2 times already, was to request that Microsoft move you to a less busy piece of physical hardware.