Using an existing Form in Teams and toggling between Collecting Responses and Show Results

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I have added a Forms tab to a Teams Channel and added an exisitng Form. This form needs to collect responses indefinetly. The Team Members need to be able to download the results at will, without compromising the collection of results. Can Team members toggle between the two options? Can Team members export the results from Teams? Thanks in advance! 

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If you only want to share the results to your team members, you don't need to do it in Teams. Visit, find the form in your group, and generate a summary link to share with your team members, or you can Open in Excel and share that file with your team members.




Hello @Dingkun Xie  

I am trying to not have to be the gatekeeping of the results. I want the team members to be able to download the results at will, from Teams, without compromising the collection of the results. In Teams, when I upload the Form, I have the option of setting it to Show Results or Collect Results. My question remains, can we (all Team Members in the channel) toggle between both? 


You can create two Teams tabs with the same form, one set to 'Collect Results' and the other set to 'Show Results'. Would that work for you?