Unable to access Form that has been Shared

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I'm experiencing an issue with a Form that I believe has been shared with a Service account our organisation uses for creating flows.  The URL of the for mis being used in the flow so I assume the account does have access to the Form?

But when I select the Form I get this 


The Flow is failing at the Get Response stage


Any ideas as to one why the flow is failing and why I can't access the Form??

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What do you mean by "The URL of the for mis being used in the flow so I assume the account does have access to the Form"?

It looks to me as if the account you're using does not have access to the form or there's also a possibility that licenses have been removed from the account which is causing issues with opening the form and retrieving responses.

HI @NataszaKosa 

The URL or name of the Form is used in the first two parts of the Flow 'When a New response is submitted' and 'Get response details'.



This Flow was working up to the 03/08.  Then all have sudden started failing with this error?
The account being used hasn't changed and other Flows which uses this account are still working 



This does look like a Forms issue rather than flow issue especially taking into account the fact that when you're trying to open the form itself in the browser, it comes with a permission message. Please review the licenses assigned to the account you're using, and ensure the account is licensed to use MS Forms

Hi @NataszaKosa,

It's strange that I can open other MS Forms and I've also asked a colleague, who as Global Admin, to try and they get the same error message?? 

Can you find the account which was used to create the form i.e. is the owner of the form? This account will be key
Have been trying to find out how I can do that?

I know when the MS Form is shared with someone that they can see the responses view and manage the Form setting but I can't currently with this Form
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Thanks for the link.  Followed the steps and found who owned 

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