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I have collected form responses for our school board where students chose their school first.  When I click responses, i get all of the responses collectively.  I can export to Excel and sort by school but then I have to use a pivot table to tally results per school and then create the graph.  Is there any way to be in forms instead of excel to sort answers based on a previous selection?  Right now I can only see the entire set of responses tallied together and unsorted

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Hi Shelly - Thanks for sharing your detailed user scenario with us. I have added this feature to our backlog.

Any progress on this one?


@Nakul Madaan 


Any progress?


4 years later and this still doesn't appear to be resolved.


@Nakul Madaan 

This would be incredibly helpful as a feature for us in our work to track training activities in our organization. We would need to sort in several steps; Which hospital, Which department, and so on!


We are really hoping you can resolve this!

From what i can find on the internet this issue still doesn't appear to have been addressed. This is something that would be really helpful as we use the same form ongoing for different sessions as we don't want the link address to change but that means all the data is lumped together unless we export to Excel and then we have to do further things to get visual representation of the data. This is making us reluctant to use Forms as a result.