SharePoint List embedded with Microsoft Forms

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I'm fairly confident this is not an option.  But wanted some community input on the matter. When creating a Microsoft Form I would like to use an already existing SharePoint List as a dropdown box as potential answers to a question.  I can see a lot of potential uses internally for something like this.  My current workaround is to ask people to provide the unique title for the SharePoint list item, which works. But it would be nice to allow people not to have to look that up and be able to load a list of options from a specific SharePoint list.   The best example I can give is a Manager Filling out a form as it pertains to one of their employees.  Right now I ask the manager in a text box to provide me with the employee ID.  It would make more sense if I could use a dropdown list with all the employees they managed already listed.  

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@pwintert there is no way to pre-populate anything in Forms with data from a SharePoint list, spreadsheet etc. There are plenty of requests for it on the Microsoft Feedback Portal here.


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