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I'd like to create a Form that will be open for a recurring window (Tuesdays from 7:00 - 9:00 pm) each week, and allow only 1 response from each person each week. (They should be allowed to respond once each week.) Can you help? Thanks!

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Hi @bryanpjohnsonjhu 


There's currently no recurring feature to do what you are asking at this time, so it will have to be manually done from within the form via ... > Settings > Options for responses and just manually update the dates (time will remain as is) when the survey closes.


Also for the one person only rule, if it's for internal users within your organisation, then you can use Only people in my organization can respond and tick One response per person but this will not work if you need the same people to fill it in weekly as after the first response they make it will lock them out of future ones.


I'd suggest leaving the One response per person blank to avoid locking out responders (or turn on Record name to see who has doubled up on the survey).


You'll have to use clear instructions to guide users that it's only one response per week (try Customize thank you message).




Hope that helps you with some ideas!


Cheers and good luck




You can't do the recurring within Froms .. but you can do the recurring using something like MS Flow(PowerAutomate) .. by sending an e-mail to a list of users with a link to the form to fill out.


Your biggest issue will be though that even if a form has expired the respondents stay with the form unless deleted so you have no real way of resetting the response list and "allowing" the users to fill the form out just one-time again.


Of course if you do use the send mail option then it doesn't really matter because you can analyze the data after the submission .. compare it to a prior submit list and only consider the first response.


So I would really consider adding MS Flow to the mix because there is a tremendous more you can do.



This is a great option. So many new features in Teams and Forms. I haven't tested this yet .. but I'm wondering if the recurrence takes into account the single entry per survey round.


Will have to test this.



I have tried... The daily Post in Teams with a Reminder to fill out the forms works great. BUT: I havend found an option for the answers to select. Every day fill out of the survey ends in the same Excel list...???@CYappert 

I'm not sure what you mean ... any new data should be a new line in the associated worksheet. If the form captures people's email IDs meaning it's an organizational form .. then you can sort and filter by email address and date or create pivot tables to organize the data.
@CYappert yes, you have new line

With additional lines every survey I loose the functionality to show ad hoc one weekly result... Any idea to fix it e.g. with power automate?



Hi Brian, 


I know it is a long time ago since you posted this, but I have found this link useful, and others might also, so I hope it is helpful: 

How best to manage a monthly (recurring) form and results - Microsoft Community Hub