Quiz created in Forms is not available in TEAMS when trying to upload in Assignments Tab. Why?

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I created a quiz in Forms and I am trying to insert it as a quiz under the Assignments tab; however, it doesn't show up when the Forms window pops up.  It is the only file I have in Forms, but Teams is not locating it.  The only option I have is to create a new quiz.  


Any reason why? How can I fix this?



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@sihernandez I've ran into same issue. The quiz created in one of the teams was not visible in that team anymore, nor was it visible in anything but My office 365.

You have to open your quiz in Office 365, then go to "create a link to duplicate". Then, the quiz will be visible in any MS team designated as Quiz name (Copy). Hope this helps!

I had a similar issue, but then when I used the Search, it found it!

Forms management seems a bit archaic, I hope some serious re-thinking goes into making Forms more manageable.


Just had a thought too and tried it out - was it actually created as a quiz?

If it's been created as a Form - I don't think it will show...


same issue, was created as a quiz in Forms and when I try to post under a class team I don't see it 

Were you able to find it? I'm having the same issue today! Frustrating!
Within Quiz Assignments you can only select a personal Quiz (non group quiz) and cannot select a Form.

If group quiz - use the workaround suggested above. Use a template link to clone a copy into your personal area, then it will show up in the selector

If form, you cannot use this in Quiz Assignment. Instead, use a non-quiz assignment, and then insert the Form by using the URL instead. See tab #3: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/assign-quizzes-to-students-through-microsoft-teams-6152481...

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It worked!! Thanks. I was going out of my mind wondering if I would have to redo the entire exam.

@Jon_Kay That defeats the object of doing it in forms as you can then mark the form in the assignments tab and you know exactly which child has answered it. Has a fix been found for this please.

Paste the duplicated link into a channel and the open it, you will get the option to make your own copy - do that. Then delete the link from the channel. Go back into assignments, set quiz and the form should now appear !!!