My Feedback on Microsoft Forms

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Microsoft Forms is really a wonderful app that we get within Office 365 package. I really liked its interface while creating a form and the interface that is shown to the person who fills up the form is also quite attractive. The summary of responses, the graphical representation of data, they're awesome!

However, there are some things that must be considered to make Microsoft Forms the best form creating app.

  1. There is no feature of adding custom header images in the form, leaving user no freedom to customize the appearance of the form.
  2. The responses are shown in 'Read Only' mode in Excel (which is installed on PC). There should be feature to show the responses in Excel Online. And we should be allowed to edit them too.

Because of the lack of the second feature, I'm facing a lot of problems in managing the responses I'm getting on my form.

I hope the team will look upon my feedback and take appropriate actions.

Lastly, I would like to thank the team for developing Microsoft Forms and making lives easier. I look forward to use more and more apps from Microsoft.

Thank you!

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Thanks for taking the time and sharing detailed feedback, @Deleted

For 1: Adding custom images to form feature is under development. We would like to understand little bit more on the type of images you would like to upload and do you want to upload them as a background or asjust header or in questions?


For 2: We are considering scenarios related to this feature at this moment, can you please share more about the problems you are facing.


We would love to connect with you over skype and understand your forms usage scenarios and feature requests. Let me know your email id and i will set up sometime to talk.

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Thank you for the response, Sir!

I, personally, would like to have the feature of adding images at all three positions you mentioned, i.e. in the background, at the header and in questions, since there occur necessities of having images at all three positions.

Regarding the point number 2, when I open the responses on my form, I get an option to open it only in Microsoft Excel (the desktop app), but not in Excel Online. Plus, when I open it in Microsoft Excel, I get the responses in 'Read Only' mode only, therefore, not letting me edit the responses myself. This is creating problems since I need to edit the data in the responses but I cannot edit them at all.

The next feature that I found lacking after using Microsoft Forms is that my form doesn't get uploaded on my OneDrive, nor do the responses. It would have been better if I could get both of them on my OneDrive, especially the Excel spreadsheet of the responses.

Plus, adding some text formatting options in the form would also be wonderful.

Lastly, my email ID is and I would love to talk to you regarding the betterment of Microsoft Forms and Office 365 apps.

Agree with all, especially about integration with OneDrive.

Thank you, Troy! :)
Hi. I have recently evaluated Microsoft forms. I would like to implement a form for our business process. However I have hit a few hurdles.
Firstly I would like to move the location of the form into my team's SharePoint documents so it isn't listed in my personal fitness access.
Secondly, is like to be able to share a read-only link to the responses to my team. Currently I have to share the whole form in edit excess- this is dangerous, as the forks integrity is at risk. Why can I not share a link to the excel online responses only in read-only format? Like you can with Excel survey or Google forms?

To summarise, I love ability to move the whole form to a central SharePoint, and be able to view the responses in excel online and be able to share a link to this. As the previous chap pointed out, you can only download a snapshot that's not dynamic and can only be opened in desktop excel.
Kind regards

You can share a link which leads to the responses, displayed in a more user friendly way than sharing the excel:



Thanks Zoltan but this only gives a summary. I have since found you can now create Forms in Sharepoint site - and this does allow access to the Excel file online - so heading in the right direction. My next problem - How do I move my Forms from my personal space into a Sharepoint site??
Can you expand a bit how to create new forms on Sharepoint? I want to use the form for collecting a) learner issues like invalid phones, emails, etc. and sharing that with a few teams (not only mine) and b) learner replies to a pre-training questionnaire which has to give access to a few teams too, as the training has to be set up dpeending on these answers. Currently the only place I can create forms from, is One Drive. What do I do¿ please help.