My feedback on microsoft forms quizzes keeps deleting itself.

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I have been creating quizzes on microsoft forms while working from home and find that some of the feedback and marks I am inputting manually are randomly getting deleted despite it saying saved at the top of the form and me posting the results.  I have tried leaving the browser for a while after I have finished entering feedback so that it is definitely saved but this has made no difference.  I have also tried marking on a browser and in teams but neither seems to be making a difference.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could somebody please reply to this as I am having exactly the same issue. We need some way to go back and do it again at least. I have one lad with 100% score in reality, but it says he has got 7 out of 33! Can anybody help with this. My theory is that if there is a blip in my wifi signal while I am posting the scores, it doesn't work, but I have no way of knowing then, of course, when it will work and when it won't! HELP!

I have asked this on the yammer group where there is a very helpful Physics teacher who may have the answer! He has helped me LOADS! I'll let you know what I find out.


He says: Sometimes this seems to happen. It shouldn't.

My suggestion do one form at a time and post forms after each one.