Multiple Form responses (from Excel) to one Sharepoint list

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Could anyone help with this?


I am using MS Forms and generating a QR Code as a track and trace.  I have a form for each room, staff scan the QR Code they click Enter or Exit.  The form record user name email time and whether they entered or exited.  The form is named by the room number.


I want to combine and append all the form responses into one Excel sheet or sharepoint list and pull in the file name (which is the room number) also.  I have tried a flow nut it is proving quite difficult.


Can anyone advise please.


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Seems like you created different forms for diff rooms with different individual QR code. On what basis would you like to merge these forms in one single excel? for example, on basis of the same responder list (seems like the receivers could be different people in diff rooms?), the selected forms ID? (then the forms should be identical). Happy to discuss more.

@Tinker_Bell as you have multiple forms you would need to have multiple flows in Power Automate, one each for when the form for that room is submitted. This is because you can only have a single trigger in your flow. All the flows can save the responses to the same SharePoint list but there's no way to get round having multiple flows.


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