Microsoft Forms Photos Not Loading

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Having spent a long time creating quizzes on microsoft forms for my students and I am running into a huge issue (I have seen this reported elsewhere too).


My questions are based on photos I have uploaded.  When sharing the link almost always these photos never load.  You might get lucky after many refreshes and waiting.


Loading a photo should not be a problem at all but it is making the use of these Microsoft Quizzes impossible.  It makes me so sad.  Students will just complain it doesn't work.


Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Is there anything you can do to sort your product out?


It is nothing to do with my internet connection.  Everything else on the page loads instantly.  Photos loads instantly on google forms.  Before you ask since students are using the microsoft 365 suite and logged in to that I'd prefer them to use Microsoft forms instead.


Thank you.

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@Loopy125  We are experiencing the exact same problem, trying to create quiz resources so students can learn from home and this problem has made Forms not fit for purpose. Haven't seen Microsoft repond to reports of this issue yet.