I need a form that will have different line of questions based on earlier choice of the Individual

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Dear Team of experts, 


I'm not able to find this survey functionality in Microsoft Forms. 

I'm doing a survey for groups of participants and the questions have to be tailored based on an answer from an earlier responds. 

for example, in the survey i ask, "Are you are male or female" Once you choose one of the two options, subjective questions will be asked  different from the other option

Is there such possibility in Forms or anywhere as part of the O365 family?


Thank you

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@dniinoi yes, it's available in Microsoft Forms and is called branching. Once you've created your questions, click on the first question and then click the 3 dots at the bottom of it. Select Add Branching:




Then choose which question to go to based on what the answer was. Do this for each question.





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Dear @RobElliott,

I have seen branches but guess what i didnt know this is what i have been for. 

Thank you for your feedback.