How can I block other user to edit group forms ?

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I was create group forms and share link of forms to other to collect respond 

but link that I already sent is for edit forms it not the link for collect responses

for now people that I sent edit link to them by email they open the link edit my original from 

Question : How can I Block other user to edit group forms ?

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@FWongsakorn you appear to have sent them the "Share to Collaborate" link instead of the "Send and Collect Responses" link:



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Is there is a way to restrict editing access to a group form, even for members of the group? Is this possible? Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide.

@Santiago_Aguirre no there isn't. You would need to create a new personal form, not a group form.


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@FWongsakorn We would also like to be able to do this. The great thing about a group or Team owning a form is that the forms belong to that group and as people leave we don't lose forms that have automation built behind them. I wonder what approach other people have taken. Should we be creating a Forms Team then that owns all our corporate forms and we give people access to edit as necessary. I am interested to know what other people have done?