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Hi experts, 

One of my user has Office 365 Enterprise E3 license and under it i can see
Microsoft Forms(Plan E3), the user says he is able to access forms from web based but when he opens his powerpoint he cannot see forms tab. i have checked the below url but it did not help me

experts guide me

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@Roger Roger 


In the notes it specifies - Creating or inserting a form is only available to Office 365 Education and Office 365 Commercial subscribers with version 1807 (Build 16.0.10711.20012) or later of PowerPoint for Office 365 on a PC


Does the user have build version 1807 or higher? Can you check by going into PowerPoint and then Account and seeing the version? May need to upgrade to see the Forms tab.




Also ensure the user is logged into PowerPoint with the same Work account used to access Office 365 and Microsoft Forms


Let me know how it goes! Hope it resolves


Best, Chris

I am using 

Office 365 Enterprise E3 license and under it i can see Microsoft Forms(Plan E3)

is this supported?

Yes - if you build version 1807 or higher which should be a case if your Office is fully up to date. Can you confirm this by opening PowerPoint, going to Account and seeing the version for the user? They may not have updated to the latest version, which could be the reason they are not seeing the Microsoft Forms tab when going to 'Insert' in PowerPoint.

Best, Chris

I am using version 1808 and i am logged in with my account but i dont see forms under insert tab

In that article have you followed method 2 and from the Forms portal go to My Forms, hover over the form and then try to insert it?

If you can’t, my recommendation would be to raise a ticket to get Microsoft to investigate further. Someone else here may also have some further ideas.

Best, Chris
Hi Roger, sorry for your inconvenience. I also recommend you to report this issue in app of PowerPoint. Be sure to include diagnostic and usage data when you send your report so that PowerPoint engineers can take a look at this issue.