Forms on Teams: Quick poll issues

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Hello everyone, 


Forms on some of our teams do not work properly. Usually when we use the format of "@Forms Q? A1, A2, A3" on a team channel, it automatically creates a quick poll (as expected). Some of our users report that this doesn't respond on certain teams. 


Has anyone witnessed this issue before? At the moment we do not have a direct answer for this. My tests conclude that the feature works on most other teams properly. It seems to be isolated to only certain ones. 


Thanks, and Happy Friday to all!


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@ikucukcayIt's been a while but for what it's worth this is happening to me just now.

@ikucukcay Same for me => in some teams (groups) yes & in other => no ... An idea ?

@Laurent Bounameau Still an issue. Microsoft Support was absolutely clueless on this. I ended up contacting our Success Manager, after a while she stopped answering my inquiries on this as well. They just chose to "avoid" the problem so we still have this issue. Looking at the metrics, users have stopped using the feature over time. 

Very dissapointing. 


  • Is it not a question, for a quick poll, of maximum number of people that are members of this group ? 
  • How many members are in your group ?
  • Because the same forms (quick poll) in another group with less people is working ... strange !

@ikucukcay I had a similar issue with "Forms" not working at all in a particular channel created by a user. The solution for me was to allow "bots" to send channel messages. Selected - manage channel and ticked "Allow bots to submit channel messages".


Maybe this helps someone else :-).