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I have been using Forms for a while now, and I consider myself an expert. However, something has changed, and I don't like it nor do I know how to reverse the process. As recently as last week, MS Forms has shown me an average score when I look at the results. It also put the scores into a Excel spreadsheet. Now, all I get is an average time to complete and no scores. Why did it change, and what can I do to reverse the change?


This is from a Forms Quiz I gave last week:

Forms Before.JPG


This is a sample of one I worke

Forms Now.JPG

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Hi @LHorn111 


It defaults to Average Time to complete unless you put Points against the question/s.


Make sure to add the points and you'll see the Average Score reappear.


Cheers and best wishes



P.S. Edit: I should have said Points not Score.



So I guess I need to stop calling myself an expert because I missed something so elementary! That's the problem with things being done automatically. Usually, I complete one question taking care of all the details. Then I copy the question and change what needs to be changed. This issue came to me froma colleague, and it never crossed my mind that she hadn't assigned points to each question. Thanks for being another set of eyes!  @Damien Rosario 

Hi @LHorn111 


Happy to help friend. It's an easy one to miss and you're no doubt still a badass to your co-workers so the legend lives on.


Best wishes with your Forms and what not.






@Damien Rosario 

I am now having this same issues after over a year. I have 12 quizzes for our employees and each one has always showed the "Score" at the top verses "Points". Now one of my 12 Quizzes changed to 'Points" and is showing 15 points in parentheses next to the title of my test. However all my other Quizzes are still showing "Score" and nothing has changed.

They are auto graded and I have never assigned points for any questions/quizzes. Did Microsoft change that rule, and now requires you assign them? If so why only one of my 12 have changed? 


Hi @JJangels 


Is this the bit you are talking about (if not please share a screen)?




Have you edited the Quiz recently? Might have updated your quiz when you went in which is the only think I can think of at the moment.


Unfortunately, I haven't needed to use Quiz in ages so I can't remember what it used to look like!