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I'm trying to design a workflow in which a user can enter data into a document, then distribute to a small number of other users requesting their consent before submitting final document to administrator.


Perhaps the simplest solution would be a Word.doc made available on Sharepoint?


Users could enter details, leaving fields open at the end of the form which would then be emailed to others requesting their consent.


However, looking at older threads on this forum, it seems that Word only supports a single digital signature. Attempts to add more signatures invalidate the first signature.


Another problem with the above is that the document would need to be serially passed from one person to the next in order to obtain multiple signatures on a single document. If consent is needed from more than even two people, it could take a very long time and get very messy.


Is there a better way of achieving this workflow? Perhaps Excel, or Forms?

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@AlbertHerring I think an approval flow in Power Automate is your best option as you can route a document to people in order and have their approve/reject answer saved to a SharePoint list.


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