Form is blank and cannot be accessed on any platform for people to complete

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Using Office 365. Can access a form which a colleague is editing. Can see the form in design mode and it has 18 questions.


When I click on preview for computer or mobile both screens are blank


When I click "collect responses" the preview popup there shows the form banner.


When I use the copy link to specify only people in my organisation can respond and then click on that link the banner does not appear and all I get is a blank page. Have validated I am logged into to only the organisation account by using incognito and validating through 2FA.


In the form options, "Accept Responses" is ticked.


How do I fix this so we can gather responses to the survey?



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"By 'blank', do you mean a completely white page with no visible content? Can you send me the form ID through a private message? I can then check it from our backend to see if there are any issues with your form.