Error Using Microsoft Forms Through Microsoft Teams

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Hello All,


I am trying to make a quiz using Microsoft Forms through Microsoft Teams. However, the setting option called "Option for Quiz- Show Results Automatically", which I would like to utilize, does not show up. I've researched on this forum and Microsoft Support and understand that this is likely due to the fact that I am making a Form instead of a Quiz. 

However, when trying to make the Quiz using Microsoft Forms THROUGH Microsoft Teams, the option to create a Quiz, is not available. If I were to simply go to Microsoft Forms on my browser, the ability to make a Quiz or a Form through Microsoft Forms is available. Is this a glitch? Am I meant to be able to make a Form or a Quiz in using Microsoft Forms through Microsoft Teams?

Also, if I make the Quiz using Microsoft Forms on my browser, is there a way to transfer this Quiz to the Microsoft Teams App?


Please review the following snippets that I took:

1. The Pop up on Microsoft Teams in creating a Microsoft Form

2. The Setting Option I am trying to access: Option for Quiz- Show Results Automatically

3. What the 'Option for Quiz- Show Results Automatically' Setting should look like according to


My suggestions are:

A. Make this setting available for those who are making a Form or making a Quiz. It just feels more practical that way.

B. Make an option to create a Quiz or a Form when using Microsoft Forms through the Microsoft Teams App. 

Thank you for your time and effort! I hope this is resolved soon.


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