Creating a form with calculations

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Hi Guys,

I have a form which works really well where individual can record the response to each individual question set but thats is only achievable for half of the part. 



I am wanting my team members to fill out a consumption pre event & post event which should give me the final numbers. Example as below: that should update my sharepoint list via flow. 


Item   Starting Stock   Closing Stock   Final Stock/Actual consumption

Coke          10                      5                      5

Sprite          8                       2                      6


Question is, if this is achievable as a part of the same form, if not how can it be achieved?

Thanks Himanshu

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@HimanshuS87 are you using Forms or Forms Pro? If Forms Pro you could do something with Microsoft Flow. 

I don't see it being part of one form unfortunately. I think I see it more like this:


Question 1 - Event Name/Code - ideally something unique

Question 2 - Choice - Pre Event or Post Event (user selects which one they are completing)

Question 3 - Text - Coke Stock - 10

Question 4 - Text - Sprite Stock - 8

And so on


Then the user fills the same form out again at the end of the event, with everything being filled out and Question 2 being selected as Post Event. If your event name or code is unique and the person completing it is unique, you could do something with the results to add to your SharePoint list.