Combine Multiple MS Forms into one SharePoint List via Flow

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Hello, I am trying to create a workflow for new hire requests.


  • The HR Admin will enter a request via a MS Form and those responses will create a list item in SharePoint and also send an email to the hiring manager.
  • The hiring manager will be prompted to enter additional information via a Mgr MS Form. The HM responses will then update the previous list item created by the HR Admin.
  • All responses will then be sent to a distribution list for further action.

I have created both forms, the Sharepoint list and have created multiple flows, however, the Manager Form responses are not updating to previously created HR items. It is creating a new item instead.


The flow is below. Any suggestions? I am new to Flow and have been You Tubing and Googling to learn!





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@abbeymiles sorry but that won't work, you can't use multiple forms in a single flow. You can only have 1 trigger, the "when a new response is submitted", which is then immediately followed by the "get response details" action. So what you've done is correct for the HR part and you've saved the response into a SharePoint list (we always do the same). However you then have a second "get response details" (without any trigger) but that will never work because it doesn't know which manager response to get. 


You will need to do 1 of the following:

1) get the manager to go into the item in the SharePoint list to complete their information - you can provide a link to it automatically in the email; or


2) in the email include the ID of the item created in the SharePoint list and ask the manager to enter that into a question in the manager form, for example the question might be "What is the ID?".  You would then need a second flow to run when the manager submits their form and get the item from the SharePoint list using a filter query of ID eq 'What is the ID?' (with that question selected from the dynamic content, not typed in), then have an update item action to update that item with the additional details that the manager is completing.


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@RobElliot - thank you you much for your kind response! In regard to Option 1 you have proposed above: how do I generate a link for that specific form the manager to complete? I can see where I would add a link to the form, but want to make sure when the manager receives the email that they are completing the correct record.

Again - THANK YOU! I used to be able to do all of these things in InfoPath and it appears that this functionality no longer exists within the Microsoft platform. From what I've read, it seems to be a massive pain point for many users.

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@abbeymiles In option 1 it's not a link to a form it's a link to the specific item in the list for them to edit it with their info. In the email action you select the </> code view icon then add the following html code and select Link to item from the dynamic content:

Link to Item.png


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@RobElliot - thank you so much! I really appreciate your thorough and quick response :)

@RobElliott so wil that link to the item for the MS form. So when the line manager fills in their info for will it relate to the actual item in the sharepint list? 

@Obayd_LD it will link to the item in the list that was originally populated by the data in the form.


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