Can't use the file upload option, I can see it there but it is "greyed" out. WHY? Please help!

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Can't use the file upload option, I can see it there but it is "greyed" out. WHY? Please help!

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Is the form set to share with anyone (including people outside your organisation)? AFAIK, it greys out in that scenario. Only when the form is set to use internally (with people inside your organisation) it is usable. Can you confirm? This should be in the form settings!

Let me know how you get on. Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard is correct. 

I'm not sure when MS is planning to allow users to set up this function for those outside the organization. It's pretty frustrating.

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris, I am facing the same issue. My Form is set to only persons within my Organization can answer.
Yesterday it worked for testing. Then I switched it off. Today I got the ok to activate it. But now it is greyed out.
Best Regards Heiner

Hi @Heiner2407

Did you get it working? In this scenario I would probably go with a new form

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Hi Chris,


I found the cause. The form on live system was created by a colleague. He can add the upload file option. The form is share with me. I can change all other question except add the upload function. When I tested it in the test environment, I did it with a form which was created by my own. There it worked it fine. I did not recognize it when I wanted to add it to the live system.  May be, this works as designed. But it is not what I wanted.

My colleague is back to the university and not available now. The form he created is used in the whole company. So, I have two choices. I ask him to add the upload function or I will create a new form and to send it out to all users. Both not a good solution.

From my point of view, Microsoft should make it possible, that users who the form is shared with, change all questions included the upload. Forms also should have the option to store the uploaded files to a share Point, not only the one drive of the user who created the form.


Best Regard Heiner

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pretty annoying as I had the same expectation that a form shared with me Should treat me as an owner, I believe Microsoft need to do lots of work on MS form product to improve functionality.

@mohamedkastero86 the uservoice sites have all closed and been replaced by the Feedback Portal which for Microsoft Forms is at


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Here we go


Add Upload attachment feature for uploading a document, image, etc. · Community (


As responded by Microsoft


Thanks for your patience for the long wait on file upload. File upload v1 – for internal survey, has been enabled on full production. It would be great if you could provide feedback for us. This survey may take you about 3 minutes to finish. We are working with SharePoint team to enable file upload v2 – for external survey, we will reach out your soon for more feedback.


The link above does not work, so the feedback is concluded, however it does posit that new functionality for the upload functionality is being actively worked on. If the uservoice above doesn't cover it, then as Rob says above, you can always open another one.


Hope that helps


Best, Chris

I found that it depends where you create the form from and whether you are working on a site you have group membership or ownership of. If you are an owner or member of a site and are interacting with that site and then create a form on another tab the permissions are set that the site is the form owner and the upload file is greyed out. I closed all tabs open to a site and created a fresh form and it wasnt greyed out.

Hi all,


I tested a method that is working for me.

The steps are as below,

1. Click the More form settings "3 dots" button at the top right corner, then click Duplicate

2. "Share as a template' panel is opened, click on "Get a link to duplicate", then click Copy

3. Send this copied link to another workmate

4. The other workmate click on that link, then click on the "Duplicate it" button at the top of the page opened

5. The workmate repeats step 1-3, and copied his link to send it back to me.

6. I opened the link sent by my workmate, then click "Duplicate it" button

7. now on this copy copy form, the upload file button is not greyed out



Does the 'file upload' question become greyed out when you select the option 'Only people in my organization can respond'? There should be no workaround to enable this question for 'Anyone can respond'.