Allow only selected users in my organisation to fill out a Form?

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New Forms user here. I don't think this possible but wanted to ask before submitting an idea.

Is it possible to restrict the filling out of a Form to only certain, selected people within our organisation? Ideally we would be able to select predefined groups (from AD).

For example, if I'm sending out a Form with sensitive information, I don't want everyone within the organisation to be able to see it. At the moment, anyone who is able to get hold of the link can submit a response.

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Hi Dave,

Not currently! There are several uservoices open for this including this one

I voted for this myself - much needed going forward and means certain organisations won’t touch Forms without this granular control

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you. I feared this would be the answer. I've voted for this and added my voice.


If the Forms or O365 devs are reading this:


Forms, along with Streams, along with many other O365 apps are just not ready. They feel rushed, unfinished, not integrated and have basic features missing. I'm so far disappointed by our journey into O365 and Forms is another frustrating and lacking experience.


Development progress is slow. The most requested features are being ingnored or are far too slow to in being delivered.


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A better option here would be to utilize powerapps to build your form, and or utilize SharePoint list form. You can manage permissions to individuals that way with either option and there is even a hybrid method, but if forms is good enough then a basic SharePoint list, with custom permissions would work. You could take it furthur and turn on list item settings to view only their own items in advanced list setitngs so that only the site/list owner (designer) can see the submissions, but the users will only see their own.
That’s a great alternative @Chris Webb

What about using Teams? Create your team with respondents and add Microsoft Forms application to your team?

Hi @kotkaste


It's a good call, but we're not using Teams as it still doesn't have all the features we need to move away from Skype, which is a whole different thread!

@Dave_Lee What you could do is have Power Automate delete any non-compliant submissions, and make clear at the top of the form that this will happen.

@Nick_Ellis Are you able to provide guidance on how to achieve this please. Many thanks

@Friyank that's only of any use if you are using Forms Pro/Customer Voice. It is not a solution for standard Microsoft Forms.


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Hi Ian, sorry it's been so long!
I think the first thing I would do is create a security group of people allowed to complete the form. Then, in Power Automate, create an automated flow that fires on form submission. Use the Office 365 Groups connector to determine if the new row 'Submitter' value is someone in the group. If it is, do nothing. If it's not, use the Forms connector to delete the row.
The 'making it clear at the top' is just text in the Description field in Forms.

Hello @Chris Webb


I'm not a programmer. In my experience, Sharepoint Lists are quite complicated. I tried for three months to set up one of them for my students with no success. I need them to create a checklist of documents. I created the list, but never appeared or linked with Teams.


I need to add a teacher to a form, so that her and two more teachers answer it. Though, Forms can't find her address that is currently in use.

Thanks for reading.