Staff member not able to book an appointment instead is presented with book time off

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Hi All,


I have recently set up a booking calendar for our students to book appointments with a member of staff. It has been brought to my attention that for one member of staff when they try and book on behalf of a student (clicking on the book appointment link), it opens the time off window. 


I have checked and the member of staff is definitely assigned against the service as i can see them in the list. However, when on the staff list and i check services next to their name - there are no services assigned. I'm not sure what is going on as they are available to book through the unique link. 


If they turn off new bookings then they are able to book an appointment on behalf of the student fine. I have tried removing them from the Bookings calendar and service and then re-adding them but this makes no difference.


Does any one have any solutions for this or an idea of what might be causing it? We ideally want to only use "new bookings version". 


Thanks in advance,



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@MHarper92 can you please confirm which "book appointment link" are you referring to?
Are you able to book time against the staff if you click the "New booking" button in the calendar page?
Can you also check what is the role of the person trying to make the appointment? If it's a "Team member", note that they can only book appointments for themselves.

@davisjr It is when you click "New Booking" it doesn't allow them to book the appointment for themselves, it autos to "time off". If we go to the old version of bookings it will allow them to book the appointments. It's really odd!


The member of staff is set as a Team Member and is added into the service. Yes i can book an appointment with them but they cannot make the booking themselves. Any ideas? 



@MHarper92 was you able to resolve this issue as a colleague of mine is experiencing the exact same situation?

@CH_500ABC  No i didn't we had to use the old version to get around this. If anyone else in the meantime figures it out, please let me know. 


Sorry its taken so long to come back to you, i have been on maternity leave and have only just saw your message. 


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