Microsoft Bookings Development Requests

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I use microsoft bookings at a large scale university to ease appointment bookings for a variety of our services. If there is an app developer or tech community member who can answer these questions or provide solutions to these requests that would be amazing:


1) I supervise an appointment service follows this process: client makes purchase for > then client receives a link to the bookings page in their email receipt for the purchase. Currently a loophole exists where clients who purchase can simply forward that email receipt to anyone which will allow people to skip making a purchase and go straight to booking an appointment. The question here: is there any way to generate a unique link.


2) Is there any way to assign a staff member to a single day on the calendar that is not recurring? For example if I have a recurring schedule on weekdays but I want a rotating schedule on weekends and want to put that in at the beginning of a work month. 


3) is there any way for staff to interact and trade/drop shifts.


4) (For the developers) Can the lead time and cancellations time setting be split int two seperate adjustments instead of the same timeframe or is there no way around that? It would be helpful for my services to have a different lead time to schedule as there is cancellations. 


5) Where is the publish button on the new bookings view? If it is still in beta you can ignore this comment but Ive had to switch back and fourth between views to make edit and publish my bookings calendar. 



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