Custom fields not visible

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I have added some custom fields but do not see those in the bookings for customers address removed/bookings/

How to solve this?

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think when you make a new custom heading it, by default, is unchecked. You need to find the edit setting that lets you check and reorder the custom fields. Think i had to change from old to new ms bookings to easily find it
I can't find any option for custom fields in the old bookings...

Hi Renee,

I am having the same issue too. My custom fields are not showing either and I can't seem to find a solution to the problem!


In my case: The custom fields are selected and required and you have to fill it when visiting the page. But if i have a look at the new booking in my calendar it doesnt show me the infos entered by the customer. Is there any solution for this?
Hey guys, i found the solution for me:
If you select to have more than 1 attendees, it will create a group service and the custom fields doesnt work. I created a new service with only 1 attendee possible and now it works!
Hope that will solve it for you as well.

BR Steve
So it turned out that the custom field options were disabled by the super admin. You need to allow permissions for the 'creation of custom fields' via the bookings settings, but only the super admin can allow this.


Can you please confirm if you are still facing issues with custom fields? Or if other suggestions on this thread helped you?


Please check if the custom field that you added is selected under service settings.

Sharing the screenshot for reference below.

From old experience:



From new experience:






Is there any news concerning the custom fields which are not visible for our agent? In this case, it doesn´t make any sense to use those fields !!

For me it worked only with a service where only 1 attendee is possible.
It didn't work in group services where 2 or more attendees are possible.
Its ok for us. If there are more people that want to join you can add them to the calendar entry manually.

@ulrichpapenheim can you please share more details on your issue?


Are you not able to create/select a custom field?

Or is it not showing up in the appointment creation page?

I always had the possibility to create the fields but they did not show in the appointment creation page.

@edingersteve can you share a screenshot of custom fields configuration either here or in a direct message?

@Babu_Alagarsamy On this exact page only the customer email field can be enabled and set to Required, the other 3 options appear greyed out for me and I can't seem to find a way to enable them anywhere, both in old and new bookings.


Any ideas why this is happening?

I have it set to attendees 1 (and cannot change this option) and booking on behalf of is switched on (this is a new feature), but I still don't see custom fields in either outlook or Power Automate (completely empty body)


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@vangelis-agileactors can you check with your tenant admin if they have restricted any custom field selections? Please check this for more details:

@Robin Thakur are you referring to custom fields for the booked appointments are not showing up in email/calendar invite in Outlook? 

@Babu_Alagarsamy yes - still having this problem today. Yes, custom fields are checked as required when booking but the information added there does not show in the appointment on the calendar (outlook or booking calendar) nor in the email confirmation 

@cynrob88 if your service is a group service (multi-customer), then the custom fields does not show up in the Outlook calendar / email. You can view the custom fields from Bookings calendar, when you open the appointment from Bookings calendar, you can go to -> open appointment -> customers -> open the customer to select the answers for custom fields.

If you are not seeing this, can you please create a support ticket to help us facilitate better with this?



@Babu_Alagarsamy Thank you for your reply. I have it working now.