Why does installing Visio Pro 2019 onto my PC turn Office 365 for Business into Office 365 Pro Plus?

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This appears to have happened multiple times over the last several years (happened with Visio Pro 2016). Cleanly installed/new PC. Office 365 on an E3 subscription downloaded and installed, shoes "Office 365 Apps for enterprise". At some point I need to use Visio so I install my licensed copy and register the product. All my Office apps now show my version of Office as Pro Plus and yet I do not have any licenses for Pro Plus.


Visio isn't even a part of Pro Plus. So why change my product description!?

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Office 365 Pro Plus is the old name for "Office 365 Apps for enterprise"
both are the same

If only literally anything Microsoft did were as simple as a product name change!

The reality is, it is NEVER that simple.

Since installing Visio Pro 2019 onto a system already installed with Office 365, I have now got problems in Outlook, with authentication failures constantly asking me to sign in and shared mailboxes disappearing from one of my Office 365 accounts (Yes. I have more than one MS 365 account. Something that is only likely to be come more common in a world of increasing casualisation of the workforce, subcontracting and outsourcing).

I have spoken to a MS support rep about this and he has told me that, if you need to install Visio onto a system already with Office 365 then you need to uninstall Office, install Visio and then reinstall Office. But only after sacrificing a ferret at the next summer solstice, whilst wearing goatskin chaps and standing on one leg, I expect!

Click to run (C2R) was supposed to have removed all of this application dependency/incompatibility BS, from Microsoft products, but has only added to the clusterfsck!

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Yep. To fix the product name weirdness and the other authentication cr@p hole it had sent me down, I did the following:
1. Used SARA to do a scrub removal of Office, which appears to have also removed Visio (weird as, strictly speaking, Visio is not a part of Orifice).
2. Clean installed Visio Pro 2019.
3. Clean installed Office 365.
4. Risked it and sacrificed a ferret, while wearing sheepskin chaps and standing on one leg. Only a couple of days out from our southern hemisphere summer solstice, which was only on Tuesday.
Result: The Microsoft demons were satisfied with my offerings and Visio now just says it's Visio Pro 2019 and not part of Office Pro Plus and Office 365 still says it's for enterprise apps and not Pro Plus. All the sh!tty authentication errors in Outlook are gone and auto-mapped mailboxes don't just bugger off, in my second Office 365 login.