Which Microsoft 365??

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I'm trying to work out which Microsoft 365 package I need but can't work it out :facepalm:.

Basically I work for 4 different companies so have 4 different email addresses. 2 of these are provided and accessed through the business' Outlook so I have 2 separate calendars, access to Teams etc, and the other 2 I have I don't use on Outlook.

I want to be able to put all 4 email addresses on Outlook whilst also having access to Teams and ClipChamp (though this isn't a deal breaker).

I'm not sure what the difference is between 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, Family and Personal for what I need it for. The most important thing for me is that I can access all my emails on Outlook (I don't even know if I can add my none Outlook emails to it :cry:?!?) in one place where I just switch between accounts.

Can any help??? Thank you!


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You may manage different profile under Outlook and Teams if the web version is NOT your preference, as of now Microsoft Teams support switch account without sign-off!


Below the different in terms of price and feature of M365