Web App Access Issues on Microsoft 365 (Teams, Outlook)

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I've been experiencing issues accessing Teams and Outlook through their web apps on Microsoft 365. In Teams, I encounter an error message stating that third-party cookies are not allowed in my browser, despite my Chrome settings only blocking third-party cookies in Incognito mode, which I am not using. I've also followed the recommended steps to whitelist several sites as suggested in the Microsoft documentation, but the issue persists.

With Outlook online, I receive a different error that suggests logging in again, though this does not resolve the problem.

I've confirmed that these issues are not isolated to a single browser or computer, as they occur in Firefox and on other devices as well. It seems unlikely to be related to my browser settings. Is there any further action I can take to address these issues?


Thank you, Andreas




I was able to resolve the issue with the help of Microsoft support by removing my user from unnecessary roles. In particular, my user had a bunch of Admin roles (e.g. Application Administrator, Billing Administrator) that were somehow interfering with Microsoft365.

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