Tenant Test Accounts for Demo & Training Session Purposes

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Hello Champions,
I am looking to link a Microsoft Tenant (Test Account) to access Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and all O365 apps with E5 License for all the below Test devices:
  1. iOS iPhone XR (mobile device)
  2. Samsung S10e (mobile device)
  3. Microsoft Surface (laptop)
We are going to use these 3 devices for Microsoft Roadshows and Training sessions. Therefore, we would like to have Tenant Accounts attached to all 3 devices so we can Demo all the great features without compromising personal information. I am hesitant to attach my personal account to these test devices since we will be Demonstrating these in Real-Time.
If you can help us on how to setup these 3 devices with Test Accounts for Training Sessions and Demo Road Shows that would be greatly appreciated!
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You can create a demo tenant at:

@mauzz I checked with Microsoft and they advised that the demo tenant are for Microsoft employee or partner, not customer! 

Hi, Correct, it’s only for partners and MS employees. I was not aware that you’re a customer, sorry.
But i’m Not aware of a similar solution for customers.
Hopefully you could find an alternative!
How can I get one