Take the Office 365 IT Pro Challenge (online quiz)!


Greetings fellow Office 365 IT Pros!

Are you an Office 365 IT pro guru?  Test your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 knowledge by taking the IT Pro Challenge, an interactive online quiz including up to 25 questions designed to test your proficiency in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 administration, teamwork and collaboration, deployment, device management and more!  Several of the questions have short 30 second to 1 minute product/service showcase videos as well.


Feel free to share the IT Pro Challenge with your colleagues.  You can even add the IT Pro Challenge to your IT staff's required/optional training.  The IT Pro Challenge is an HTML5 web app designed to run on a large, touch enabled display or on a standard pc/laptop display (touch or mouse).


Option 1:  Run the IT Pro Challenge on a large (any size) touch display in a common area that is frequented by IT staff. Just open up Edge or Chrome on a large touch display in your office and enter Full Screen Mode (for Edge: win-shift-enter, Chrome: F11) and let the challenges begin!


Option 2:  Simply send the link out to your staff and they can run the challenge on their own PC/Laptops (optimized for Edge, Chrome and Firefox).


Take the IT Pro Challenge here:



Enjoy and please post any feedback that could make the IT Pro Challenge more effective in your organization.


Michael Kophs
IT Pro Readiness





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I like it, but it would be handy if it didn't show the promo video if you get the answer right as there's no point preaching to the choir. At least give a skip option.
Question 3 wouldn't let me skip the video. If I wasn't multi-tasking and writing this response I would have stopped there, instead I stopped at the StaffHub question (which is going now as I complete this response).

I like it also and agree with Loryan, if we answer correct would be a skip option os the video.

I second that . . . I didn't finish the first video before I closed the quiz and just didn't bother.

I really had hoped it was going to be fun, but being sold a product I'm already aware of was a total turn off. 

Great Feedback!  The app was originally designed for live events, and to get the payoff, we wanted IT pros to watch the video.  We quickly found out that most quiz takers were interested way more in the questions than the supporting videos.  I'll add a "skip video" option in the next release.  Thanks!

I agree with the other comments here - I've tried a few different hits at the quiz, and haven't made it past two or three questions before the lack of controls (back and forward, skipping videos, etc.) make me just give up. 


I think it's a great idea, though, as I saw a few things that triggered my interest, and think it'd be a great way to learn more about the areas of Office 365 that I'd like to learn more on, or maybe even use it as a launchpad to other learning options?


Just put some more controls in there - let us choose whether or not we want to watch the video, put some forward/back options, and maybe gamify it by letting me know how my score compares to the other folks that took the quiz? (to be fair, that might actually be there, I just didn't sit through all the way to the end). :p


3/5... would come back and test again!

I like the quiz, really well presented! The unskippable videos are a bit of nuance though and the pool of questions could be larger.  I took the quiz twice to get a perfect score, so I could brag a little and there were more repeat questions than I thought there might be. 


I think it would be a good resource for someone that was working out Microsoft 365/Office 365 and getting up to speed.  I thought the Stats box at the end could be more prominent, I only noticed it after I went back to double check if there were any further resources.  While I am at it, the Tech Community link for the 'Learn more' option, might be better served by a Tech Academy link instead (or to a custom landing page).

@Jeremy Dahl wrote:

...and maybe gamify it by letting me know how my score compares to the other folks that took the quiz? (to be fair, that might actually be there, I just didn't sit through all the way to the end)

You're right Jeremy, the option is there at the end:


IT Pro Challenge.png


I also saw some things that piqued my interest and I would learn more about as a result.

I also agree with the comments here to have an option to skip videos and proceed to the next question. Also, it would be better if Microsoft can also display or an ability to input the name of participant on the Certificate.


Invaluable feedback, thanks Community!!!  So far, i'm going to:

-add "skip video" controls

-add a "your name" field so you can get a personalized certificate


I'll also explore some of the other recommendations. Thanks again!